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I came to the Crystal Coast area in 2009 with my wife Sandra and 3 children Kirk, Benjamin and Aurora when the company I worked for transferred me here from West Palm Beach, FL.  Originally from the Southwestern, PA area my company moved me around a lot to build new markets and help troubled markets. After about a year and a half living here it became time to move again. My family and I had grown very fond of this area and it was now time to fulfill two long term goals, have a great place to call home and pursue a career in real estate.  

We live in Atlantic Beach and I feel just as excited every time I come across the bridge as I did the first time. This place has the charm of a small town, the beauty of a coastal island, the warmth of Southern hospitality, and the magic of knowing your living in so many peoples vacation. It truly is an attitude, being surrounded by happy families on vacation is so much better than day to day life in another town or city. We are not rushed here and really enjoy "Island Time" in everything we do. 

I personally believe a good work ethic, attention to detail and personal service will make your real estate transaction a successful one. I know you can find a Realtor anywhere so I must do my best to earn your business. I believe there are key steps that must take place in every transaction, no two are alike and when an agent makes this mistake he or she is unable to give any type of personal service.

If You Are Looking To Sell Your Property

I use a professional photographer to ensure quality pictures and 360 video.

I create full color glossy brochures, flyers, postcards, etc. of your specific listing and get it to the right people.

I use a custom QR code in all printed material as well as on signs to allow potential buyers to access a video and information regarding your listing.

I network with other Realtors in PA, NY, MD, & OH to reach out to the areas that many vacation home buyers come from.

Through a system unique to our company I am able to post your listing on over 800 websites.

For special purpose properties such as hunting, fishing, boat friendly I will advertise in specialty publications.

I treat you and your listing individually and analize the uniqueness for niche marketing possibilities.

If You Are Buying A New Home

I will work very hard to determine your wants and needs for your home. Beyond number of rooms I want to discover all the uses you will have for your new home. Do you plan to live there? Is it a vacation unit? Will you be entertaining a large group of extended family and friends ? Do you wish to have your home rented when not using it? all these are very important questions.

I will email you listings that fit your needs and based on that we will decide which homes to look at in person.

I will not waste your time and mine taking you from home to home that may check just one or two of the boxes on your wants and needs list. This does neither one of us any good and gets us no closer to our goal, finding your perfect home.

I will search through listings to find just the right home for you.

If you are Buying, Selling or Investing I will work hard for you.